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7 | The Pyrenees finally deliver!

Published on
01 July 2022

What a crazy two days! So crazy that we couldn’t even write a blog post yesterday… Oupsie!

Yesterday was a neck and neck race, with which we found ourselves at the foot of Peña Montañesa for the night rest with a whole group of 4 or 5 teams.

This morning, for a change, it was “sleep in” and we started only at 8 am to take the turnpoint.

And then it was parawaiting – patience, patience and again patience! Finally, around 1 pm the whole group took off and could fly relatively close together to Castejon de Sos. Here the field split and Patrick showed some courage to tackle the main ridge as first in the group. One of the most epic flights he ever got to do. The Pyrenees are just so amazing!

Tomorrow we attack Turnpoint 4 as the race comes to an end, who would have thought that at day 3!

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