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Bornes to Fly 2022 – perfect test and a passed one!

Published on
09 June 2022

Bornes to Fly 2022 was probably the most EXCITING race I’ve done so far. Insane pace and great flying skills are already a standard in our sport as it becomes more and more professional. But this year’s route kept ranking mixing up constantly with no clear leaders and no one ‘safe’ even for a moment.

I don’t remember another such tight race, and in moments it felt more like a XC comp – with someone always on your back. Bad timing or worse decision and 20 people fly over your head. For some reasons there also weren’t many other wings around, so it felt almost like we booked the place… quite magical.

Once again, the organizers proved that even if you live in the region there is still so much more to explore. We’ve done some transitions I’d never consider in ‘normal’ circumstances. Some tricky, some plain stupid, but even in rough spots I felt in control and that’s a huge progress. In fact, having only 2 minor accidents in this intimidating terrain and windy conditions just prove the level of the pilots and their experience.

Big thanks to the organizers. I wish all the competitions were organized as well as Bornes To Fly As for how those result translate to X-Pyr  is to be seen. It’s a very different kind of a race focused rather on endurance and persistence.

Of course, I wouldn’t get anywhere without my amazing supporter – Camyla, who drove hundreds of km, cooked, controlled conditions and competitiors and was always within minutes of my landing. Big thanks to Dagmara, Marcin and Pawel for support on the way and finally thanks to everyone sending messages, it means a lot even if I don’t always reply – sorry, I’ll catch up – and to PHI-Air Polska Compressport i Suunto for equipment!

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