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Bornes to Fly – Vibe Check

Published on
01 June 2022

What an incredible 3 days of weather and a thoughtful task for Bornes to Fly. I’m now the second woman ever to have finished Bornes to Fly, and some lines I would not have flown without this competition.

The first day began with a competitive hike to Montmin launch which led to a fast paced flight where I landed in the middle of the widest valley. While that put me in a tough position, I made my way to Mont Lambert for an evening launch where our support car sported a flat tire.
Jesse, my supporter, called in reinforcements of Kiwis, and Ross, who helped support while Jesse fixed the
tire the next morning. This lead to Ross and I taking on day two together hiking, and Jesse providing car, food, and tent support later in the day.

Day two resulted in a grueling 6 hours of hiking, with 1800m vertical. Ross with cramps and I with blisters, we made it up the north side of La Roche Pourrie. We launched a steep mountainside just as the clouds began to rise.
That was the beginning of a beautiful 65km flight to tag 2 turn points and just miss the third flying, but with a short hike I tagged it and was on my way.
On the final day I made some great decisions that lead me to finish. I launched at 10am on an east face of Les Aravis to fly to the next turn point which required me to land, launch with a back wind, and fly above the peaks of La Tournette to the finish line.

All in all I learned what I needed to improve my game for the XPyr and reinforced my strengths. Jesse and Ross were fantastic supporters and our team vibes were at a high. Bring it on.

Without them, the X-Pyr wouldn't exist.

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