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Can someone turn down the heat!

Published on
21 June 2022

Have say that before I came out one of the things that troubled me was the thought of the heat in the Pyrenees and really it couldn’t of been any hotter, a big heatwave right across the mountains has been a baptism of fire. Us English ain’t used to it! Haha

The last week or so has been a mix of H&F, H&R in France with a jump over to Formigal then Arbas, Biggore and Accous

Two days spent in Arbas helped me use the main takeoff and the higher ridge takeoff with very weak lift I managed to leave the valley and make a couple of small hops west passed Aspet to Estenos before turning back.
Keeping an eye on the forecast it looking that south into Spain would be better I drove over to Formigal unfortunately it changed over night and wind was incoming, I did get a quick flight in above the town to land by the van as I watch the wind front making its way up the lake. Still having all afternoon I headed up the col Pourtalet to see how my lung faired with the altitude. Living by the sea back in Cumbria it’s always in the back of your mind how I would feel running around at altitude 2.5hrs to Ibon de Anayet and back was a perfect test and I felt good! 

Next on to Biggore and the weather didn’t play ball first high cirrus clouds stopped the thermals and then from miles away a nimbus floated over and the day was done.

Accous next and the wind was set in so a long walk was planed up to 800 take off and carrying up to the higher peaks to really feel the wind. 7hrs out up and around Puc de Bergon & L ‘Embarrere to Col d’iseye with an hour run down at the end.

In all I think the French Pyrenees is going to be a tricky place to fly xc, very humid with low base and light thermals, what am I saying sounds lot like back home. Haha

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