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Corpas Team – Day 3

Published on
28 June 2022

Today, already rested from yesterday’s 73kms, I got up with more spirit and ready to fly more than to walk, and it wasn’t so bad.

I was able to make three flights today, the first one from the Vallée d’aspé, a second flight in which I made the TP2 beacon of Acouss, taking off from the upper take-off and I was able to take off quite a few kilometres, flying inside the gorge because everything there was to climb was very weak and you don’t dare with those conditions to try much, always having good landings in sight and after this flight we are heading south. 

The third flight took off from the ski resort of Astún and achieved a good flight that took me to the foot of Peña Montañesa, which is the TP3.

Very happy today and excited to start the fourth day of the race.

Let’s go!

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