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Fabian Umbricht Day 3 – Finally its flying

Published on
28 June 2022

The start in the day was not the most pleasent thing. We slept in, to give my feet and knee a little more rest. Then, a climb through thick fog and a wet forest allowed the limbs to warm up a bit. We found a take-off which was just below cloudbase and allowed a flight in to the LZ of Accous. After a break to discuss strategy, I decided to take the route through the high mountains. Walking uphill works great, but flats and downhill are killing my foot-ligaments, so it was the obvious choice. A nice hike of 1800m allowed to reach the sun above the clouds and take off at Col Lardi. Conditions were on, so i could fly just to the entrance of the tunnel to Canfranc. There I teamed up with Cedar Wright, and we had a blast to reach the take-off above Canfranc. 

Finally, spanish air. From Canfranc, I flew with Cedar quite a while, then our ways separeted. I took a risky option and nearly got stuck in the valley wind. Thankfull, the Westwind was pushing through also in the lowest layers, so I had en epic das evening flight just to the foot of Pena Montanesa. 

It will take a while until my supporter catch up, but it was totally worth it 🙂

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