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Day 5 – Logan Walters

Published on
30 June 2022

Yesterday Logan made good distance in the air, but decided to be conservative and prioritize safety while approaching the crest on the way to TP4. As a result, he landed and had to hike over into France. He only has four years of paragliding experience, but is performing incredibly well. His takeaway was that he should push a little harder in the air and plan on doing more hike and fly in Europe, since the terrain and weather at home in California are very different from what we have here in the Pyrenees. He made some good moves in the air on the French side, but eventually hit too much north valley wind to continue making progress flying. Shortly after he landed, three sailplanes that he had been flying with landed at the nearby aerodrome, so conditions were clearly deteriorating. The weather for day 5 looks very challenging for making distance in the air, but he will take any opportunities that present themselves.

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