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Days 4 and 5 – Kinga Masztalerz

Published on
02 July 2022

Day 4 Kinga’s patience paid off, she hiked 1200m that morning and waiting for and hour on launch for the day to turn on as two other competitors launched and glided out. Her patience was rewarded with a windy and difficult flight, but 35km on track to TP3. The air was rough, and it was an exhausting flight. She then took to the pavement and reached the Suerio expecting a good glide to the valley. The winds however kept us parked, with a 3:1 glide she landed, packed, and met for pizza and camp.

Day 5 began with a morning hike and a hope. The weather models couldn’t agree and we decided to take the risk of climbing Nabain. Chris assisted in her launch in an incredibly tight location, barely fitting her wing and having to lay some of it on a bush. She launched at 10am, just before the winds were supposed to press her down. She made it work, crossing all the way to Peña Monteñesa by air! After landing at only Noon, we set our destination as Campo for a good forecast the next day. Based on the winds, we wanted to surf the ridge to Campo, yet somehow the winds stayed East throughout the day. This resulted in 24km on foot to Campo where a hotel and steak awaited. Prepped for a morning flight off the local site to cross to France for TP4!

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