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Eliya Soar Zemmour has to withdraw due to injury

Published on
20 June 2022

Unfortunately, due to a stress fracture, Eliya has had to withdraw his entry to the race. The athletes train hard, sometimes too hard! We are particularly sad as Eliya was our first ever participant from Israel. We hope this spate of accidents and injuries stops right now!

In Eliya’s own words:

The X-Pyr race has been in my sights since I started flying. A pinnacle race for hike and fly athletes. Much thought and training went into the preparation of this monumental effort of traversing the Pyrenees with a piece of nylon and two legs. But as often with things we chase hard, I over-did it: a few overdoses of volume training on asphalt fucked my metatarsal bone. Feels shit but it is what it is. To man-up means to inhale disappointments, get smart and move on. The Pyrenees will wait.

We wish him a full and swift recovery!

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