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Finally flying!! – Edouard Potel

Published on
30 June 2022

Day 3 started in the clouds. We finished day 2 earlier with a few teams gathering in a small village named Mayerau. That place, Mayerau, stays in our memories like a dream. We arrived in the fog, at night, exhausted. We left in the fog, in the morning, a little bit less exhausted. A place that will stay levitating somewhere out of time.

Our strategy was to hike early and the less possible to keep our energy as much as we can. Man those two days walking were something. So no climbing to the TP2, rather we’ll hike behind reaching 2200m and hoping to catch a better weather system. 

I can tell you that, from the valley, the sea of cloud is not appealing at all. We’ve seen it for quite a while now… What is blue? How is yellow and heat?

But on we go through a beautiful beech forest. Some of those trees have hundreds of years, and it is quite a dream-like atmosphere with the fog adding to this effect.

And then, for a brief moment, suddenly a mountain appears. Not all at once, just reflections of the water dripping from its vertical faces but gigantic, overcoming us completely. And the we saw some blue (it exists!) and after a moment we were above the clouds and into another world. Mountains and sunshine and flying conditions!! Hell yeah.

Day 3 is always a turnpoint. It’s the hard one. And it ended with Édouard landing at 20:56pm right next to a sleeping spot. As a Frenchman once said : fumant!!

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