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Fred Juvaux’s team, XPyr D-1

Published on
25 June 2022

XPyr D-1, only a few hours before go! Latest seasonal equipment, strategy of… walking not flying!

 – Fred: “Concentrate… your head in the course.”

 – Camille (last assistant to arrive today!): “It would be better with the sun.”

 – Titi: “Mrrr but this box is heavy!!! Storage of the trunk of the truck in progress.”

 – Cathy: “Anyone want something to drink? Food?”

We play it friendly, warm in our truck. Tonight we will enjoy a good shower between four walls. Andddd…let’sss go to the Rune…hoping we get away from the rain soon.

And bring us as close as possible to Cadaques, more solar! But hey there, like that… it seems very tense to us… We’ll see!

It’s a whole new experience for the four of us.

 – Objective number 1 for Fred:

Survive and not get hurt.

 – Objective number 2:

Reach the finish line.

To be continued !!!

Fred, Cathy, Camille and Tweety

Without them, the X-Pyr wouldn't exist.

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