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Fred Juvaux’s team – XPyr Not D 3

Published on
28 June 2022

Far too much walking the first two days of the competition, Fred is caught up in the limits of his body, his formerly fractured ankle (a 25m fall in a climbing route following a dropout of points). The mind could surely have started up again despite the rather inhuman performance of his long hours on the road. But the ankle screams stop. Fred knows that if he continues, it’s a bad investment for the future: paragliding but also climbing, life! He is not ready to go that far and between us, that seems reasonable to me.

What an experience these first days! The surpassing of either. Effortless learning. The importance of the team to accompany Fred as well as possible in his progress.

0km (including 0km of paragliding), 0m of d+. We take the road again. Objective number 1: a good recovery.

2:30 p.m.: delivery of trackers to Pilar.

Now we are wholeheartedly with the other competitors, come on Pierre! Go Edward! May the force be with you !

Another big thank you to the Fred Juvaux’team, Camille, Titi, to our families and friends who followed the adventure, the beginning of the adventure…

Good flight to all and to the XPyr. Thank you Inigo and co!

Without them, the X-Pyr wouldn't exist.

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