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Edoard Potel Team – Day 1 – G-548

Published on
27 June 2022

Nothing better than a good day in the Pyreneese! We had a blast hiking up and down those hills, really. Thinking about it, we are still searching for a sense in all of this,. Wait, why we are doing this already ? No kidding 600km across?

This morning started very nicely after a beautiful night that was immersed by DJ Jean Bon sound in Guethary. We have to admit that XPyr is not the only successful event happening those days. Les restau du cœur made a great deal about their party. Anyways… We started at the start, the beginning of all this adventure : the Atlantic. Now we have to reach the Mediterranean sea using wings, legs, agility, and really, all skills we can find.

Looking at the conditions we’re having for the first days of the race, Édouard decided to keep up to his pace. Not the one of the superheroes in front, although we try to follow their smart ideas 🙂

That’s all for tonight folks. The Buddha bowl is ready, Bon Appétit.

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