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Heli Schrempf – Day 4 and end of the race

Published on
30 June 2022

Day 4 Let’s begin the day with sunshine…  

The 4th day started with sunshine and we hiked up the mountain for the first flight. However, on top we ended up in a big cloud. Super shortly, there was a little cloud window, which we took to launch our gliders and to finally fly to turnpoint 2! Afterwards we soared up at the entrance of the valley and flew to land over there. Wow – the flying conditions were pretty rough, but we managed to land safe!  

…but the sun is not always shining – which means…  

I decided to stop the race in the afternoon. My decision wasn’t made because of having any physical pains. I still could have hiked to the end of the race in terms of physical strengths, but my psyche was fucking with me more and more. The truth is, that I worked without break for such a long, exhausting time that I really underestimated taking part at a race like this without rest-time before. If you are always somewhere else with your thoughts, also flying is going to be dangerous, which I felt with my last take-off. And the longer it takes, the more you start to think… Additionally I also decided to skip the Eigertour next week and now rest for some time so that I can take part – fully rested – with a good mind and physical strengths at Dolomiti Superfly in August.

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