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Last considerations

Published on
08 July 2022


What an XPirience!

O had the opportunity to come experience this race and it was incredible!

I could talk about rain, hiking in the rain, Dengue Fever, difficulties… But that was just part of the game.

I would rather think about the most beautiful views of one of the most magnificent mountain rages of the world, and how incredible it was to go through it’s little corners, valleys and peaks.

How the climb after take off opened this amazing array of valleys and peaks, some covered with snow still.

How the vultures were so nice to indicate the thermals but would leave as soon as o started circling with them as to give room to the clumsy white and red bird that appeared.

How it is not needed to start from the top os the mountain as halfway hill the thermals were already good, and a timed take of would make you out climb the peak in minutes if you timed it right.

That just to talk about the nature.

But the XPyr is so much more than nature, it is the people that put it together in amazing fashion with attention to detail and care and also the pilots and assistants that flock from around the world to do this incredible adventure.

I tried not to use superlatives, but it is just not possible, everything is superlative in this event, the organizers, the pilots, the assistants and of course the nature!

I loved it all, including the suffering before the good weather(would prefer without it though😉).

Hope to come back next time.

Thank you so much Renata for being my supporter, with attention, patience and love.

Thank you everyone else, organization, pilots, supporters.

I loved it!!!

Grande abraço,


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