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Maxime Pinot arrives at the finish line!

Published on
02 July 2022

Maxime Pinot has arrived at the finish!

After battling hard and walking more than 285 km of the race, Maxime has reached the final turn point and finish line of the 2022 X-Pyr.

His nemesis, the Pic de Midi de Bigorre (TP 5) again gave him problems, but he dug deep and was placed ahead of the pack on several occasions. Yesterday he spent 11 hours in the air and arrived in first place on the south side of the Canigo mountain (the penultimate turn point of the last edition), ahead of Chrigel Maurer and Pierre Remy. Once he got to the flatlands ahead of turn point 7 (St Helena de Rodes) he had to land. Chrigel Maurer then had the opportunity to overtake.

Congratulations to Maxime on getting to the finish and completing this edition of the X-Pyr.


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