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Présentation team REMY P1

Published on
27 June 2022

Day 1 – Hondarrabia – Mendive

 The weather was announced rather gloomy and rainy for this start of the race.  To the delight of the team, it finally took place without too much precipitation with some windows.

 ➡️ The objectives have been achieved with a lot of kilometers (including a lot of walking 😅).

 Indeed, a few well-placed flights and a few well-exploited thermals made the day profitable… for the rest, we had to walk, run and walk again… and run again.

 A satisfying climb of the Rhune with a 4th place at the top.  Thank you to those present for their support 😉

 ➡️ 4 take-offs on the day’s segment: La Rhune, Axulegi, Urretzi and Arla.

 The end of the day ended by running in the rain to reach the night site: Mendive.

 Time to rest for the whole team now… while waiting for the starting signal tomorrow morning!

 Another great battle to come:

 “Rainy X-Pyr Happy X-Pyr? 🤔”



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