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Primer día de entreno en la X

Published on
16 June 2022

Yesterday I went to the Pyrenees, all day driving, I arrived a little before Zaragoza and spent the night there. Exhausting day of driving but very excited to start the adventure.

This morning I returned to the road and set course for the X, specifically to the El Corronco Waypoint.

First Hike and Fly in the Pyrenees, shortly after arriving with the van I decided to train a little and started the climb, a little late but I wanted to climb and the landscapes are incredible. Arriving at the peak a storm was forming nearby and the thunder sounded not far away, strong wind came in and I decided to go down, as soon as I took off I climbed in a straight line about 100m and it did not let me move forward, I let myself go to the lee because even accelerating I could not go forward so, to the back taking me collapsed and putting the batteries of the pull, I descended to the valley and there I find more stability so I can land next to the van. 

It seems that the Pyrenees have welcomed me.

The adventure begins, the X-Pyr begins.

Without them, the X-Pyr wouldn't exist.

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