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Day 1 Race Report

Published on
25 June 2018

Day-1: Race Report

A sunny day greated X-Pyr 4th edition. After the group picture at the beach all pilots took off running to the first turn point, “La Rhune” (900m). This is a hard uphill run for a hot summer day, and yet we had the fastest first leg of the race ever, at just over 2h30′ to reach Turn Point #1 running Nelson De Freyman.

Jesse Williams reported a hard landing with no consequences.

Although flight conditions where light at La Rhune, pilots managed to engage good cross country flights and turm it into the best day-1 progress on X-Pyr records. The stage closed with Christian Maurer (CH) and Maxim Pinot (F) leading the race and being the only two pilots that have made it past Turn Point #2.


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