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Team Canada was hoping to leave our weather at home…

Published on
23 June 2022

After a few days of scouting for the #xpyr2022 race on the French and Spanish sides of the course line, it appears team Canada has brought the crummy Canadian weather with us! Despite a couple of reasonable flight earlier this week, overcast skies, low bases, and lots of wind is now the norm. We’re making the best of it though with lots of little hike and flys off hills with their tops in the clouds, and desperate 1m 30s flights kicking treetops to get off a hill. I’ve learned that Pyrenees prickles like to grow just below the fern tops so you can’t see them, and picking your glider out of wet side hill fern fields takes longer than expected! Despite all that it’s been a treat seeing the terrain firsthand and I’m still hoping for flyable conditions come race day on the 26th 🤞 although that’s looking less and less likely. If not, I’ll be carrying my bag of flying gear across the Pyrenees, instead of the other way around!! 

I have a lot of people to recognize and thank for helping make this odyssey a reality. 

Most importantly, thanks to my amazing partner @sheinamacadam for taking care of our life commitments while I’m away so we can make this possible. 

Secondly, a huge thank you to my sponsors;  Paraglide Canada, Pathfinder Asset Management, and Christopher Bates. 

This race would be impossible without my supporters Jonathan, who’ll be keeping me on track,  and Dave, who are cooking up Michelin star meals out of the Renault camper. 

Last but not least, gratitude to Team Canada’s patrons back home; Alex Raymont, Brad Henry, Tonya Roumiantseva, Brent Handy, Martin Zac, Renata Moravocava, Tony Evans & Nora, Richard Bruneau, Devin Andersen, Rod Frew, Jonathan Pettersen, Randy Smith, Brian MacLean, Greg Martin, Leylan McGinn,  Daisy, and everyone who bought t-shirts to help contribute to this endeavor! 

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