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Team Reiser/Moratti is ready

Published on
14 June 2022

Bornes to Fly 2022 – Annecy. For me the first time flying in France, what a beautiful region. 77 participants, the pilot level was very high. 

Day 1 started fast, 8 hours of flying, very nice conditions, I flew very careful in the beginning and waited for the right moment to attack. In the evening I made a good move and was in the leading position for the first night. 

On day 2, I made some good decisions and stayed high in the mountains, got the last turpoint easy and was ready to glide into goal for a safe win. 

Sadly I didn‘t get the last turnpoint correct, landed 30 meters next to the radius and didn‘t walk into it, turnpoint in the GPS was already green because I flew into it before. Very stupid, yes. So I had to fly back to the turnpoint and lost 1 hour, in the end I was 3rd.

Of course, under this circumstances it‘s very disappointing. But anyway I‘m very happy with my performance, I was able to keep up with the best ones at a very high level in unfamiliar territory. 

After some good flying with my new equipement at Gantrisch Hike&Fly, my team is ready für the X-Pyr.

Without them, the X-Pyr wouldn't exist.

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