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Pierre Rémy Team – E2 – Day 3

Published on
29 June 2022

Day 3 – Urdos – Mauléon barousse

The team went to seek the sun on the Spanish side this morning!

  • Pena Montanesa and Arbas tags checked
  • 20 km on foot only
  • 170 km flying.  A strategic choice to go further south this morning to take advantage of the low reliefs on the outskirts of the park.

 Objective of the day: stay at the top, swallow the distance.  It’s done!

Pierre finished in the top 3 today.

The pleasure of flying rediscovered for this 3rd day.

Tomorrow: tour of the garden for Pierre.  He is at home… On the program, then, a short passage to kiss the Pic du Midi and cut the road.

Thank you all for your support on the ground and on the networks.  The adventure continues!

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