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A far from easy withdrawal – Luis Linde – Day 4

Published on
29 June 2022

And my right knee said enough.

On the fourth day of the X-Pyr we abandoned “very much” to my regret. A right knee injury that hadn’t appeared since 2017 and that I had completely forgotten about, started on the second day of the race. Even so, I continued on every climb and above all on every descent, like the one this morning to the 📍Tobazo, where I had to go backwards down a lot of slope. We think that this has also led to an inflammation of one of the tendons in my ankle. The pain hasn’t stopped these days and making the decision is not easy. I climbed the 📍Bacún with the idea of being able to fly towards Peña Montañesa, the third of the waypoints. But the pace of ascent was getting slower and slower until I reached the refuge before the peak and I called my support Nacho Recas to see how he could pick me up. A race where we have poured a lot of energy and enthusiasm, making this decision is not easy for me.

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