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Update on Day one

Published on
26 June 2022

The start was grey and overcast. The predicted bad weather did not materialise, so the athletes had good weather for hiking. This translated into a very fast ascent (less than 2:30 for the 2 first for some to the turnpoint in Larun.

This is the only sign-in turnpoint and athletes must reach it on foot, sign the board and can then proceed to launch.

David Corpas was leading, but took a wrong turn and arrived with Maxime Pinot, Tanguy Renaud-Goud in a group. Maxime, together with Tanguy signed the task board first. All 42 pilots flew andheaded north as this is better walking country in case of bad weather.

Athletes then split into two groups – those going north and those going south. Lots and lots of pilots few several times.

Maxime Pinot and Chrigel Maurer are both determined to cover 60 km in the next few days when the conditions will be challenging and big distance flying is not possible.

At the end of the day this was the leader board (teams that covered more than 60 km):

  1. Maxime leading with 64.5 km – achieving his day goal already.
  2. Tanguy Renaud-Goud has covered 64 km
  3. Noe Court 63.5 km
  4. Tim Alongi, 63,1 km
  5. Christian Maurer, 63 km
  6. Simon Oberrauner 61.3 km
  7. Logan Walters 60,8 km

Compulsory rest time starts at 9pm, rather than 10pm as in previous editions. The athletes will then have to remain within a 150 m radius of their last location until 7am in the morning. Stay tuned for more racing tomorrow.

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