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Update Day 3: What a day!

Published on
28 June 2022

We did a video update at lunchtime, posted nearer to 17:00 about what happened this morning. You can see this on the X-Pyr race news.

So by this afternoon the second third of the field had passed the second turn point. Shortly after leaving the Accous valley and heading south, the sun started shining and the conditions began to improve significantly! We finally saw the sun again!

Many pilots were sore, blistered and some limping, so relieved to finally be flying.

The leading pack took off from Astun and flew to Formigal and then relaunched and flew for approximately 8 hours. They managed to get even further and Chrigel Maurer, Maxime Pinot, Simon Oberrauner, Tanguy Renaud-Goud, Pierre Remy, Tim Alongi, Noé Court are currently half way to TP5. The longest flights were around 180 km.

Between TP 4 and TP 5 are Jordi Vilalta, Lars Meerstetter, Xevi Bonet, James Elliot, Ignacio Arevalo, Logan Walters, Andreas Viehböck, Remi Bourdelle, Thibault Voglet and David Corpas

Between TP3 to 4 we have Thomas Matera, Cedar Wright, Fabian Umbricht, Sergi Claret, Keith Paterson, Rob Curran, Edouard Potel, Rich Binstead, Kinga Masztalerz, Patrick Sieber, Luis Linde, Lino Colo, Giuliano Minutella, Nicolás Hayes, Mikolaj Kocot, Reto Reiser, David Liano and Yuji Emoto.

Between TP 2 and 3 Joao Simonsen, , Heli Schrempf, Greg Hamerton, Iñigo Gabiria and Johannes Helleland.

We now have the whole field past TP 2!

Huge and notable flights include Pierre Remy, Ignacio Arevalo and Xevi Bonet. But loads of people did spectacular flights today.

A few bits of bad news… Edoardo Colombo and Fred Juvaux have had to withdraw due to injury.

There were also some penalties awarded for cloud flying, air space infringement and team flying. More on those and their duration in the update tomorrow.

Without them, the X-Pyr wouldn't exist.

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