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With pain in his heart… Toma withdraws

Published on
14 June 2024

And ours too! Running man Toma Coconea has had to withdraw from the race. He says:

“Looks like bad luck is chasing me again. I am very sorry, I wanted so much to reach this competition, one of my soul. It is with pain in my heart that I want to inform you that yesterday, during a normal landing in my area of tall grass, I did not see a rock there and my leg got stuck, and I had an accident. I hoped it was just a sprain, but unfortunately, the x-ray showed that I have a fracture in my right leg. Today I had surgery on my leg, and the doctor recommended a recovery period of 6 weeks. Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate in this edition :(((. 

I wish you and all competitors good luck in the organization.”
More info, on Toma’s Facebook page.

Toma competed in 2014 (3rd) and 2018 (11th) and also applied for the 2020 edition which was cancelled. Toma is a fixture in hike and fly races having come second in the X-Alps twice. He is known for his supreme fitness and ability to cover unbelievable distances on foot, and he is of course also a master of the sky. Always smiling he will be sorely missed in this edition. We wish Toma all the best and a quick and full recovery.

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