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X-PYR: Day 1

Published on
26 June 2022

Weather was a lot better than forecasted, and there were many happy faces on the beach.

The race started with a 18 km run up to the foot of La Rhune. I was a bit worried about this stage because of my knee issue (runners knee). It went OK until the terrain became more hilly. Downhills are no good, and I had to walk downhill and lost some ground to the rest.

 I was happy when I reached the foot of La Rhune and could focus on the uphills again:)

We arrived as one of the last teams on the top of La Rhune. Still OK flying weather. Good! We decided to head northeast, glide as far as possible, and try to find new hills to launch from. This strategy turned out quite well and we had in total 4 hikes and glides that day. And we moved 10 positions up on the scoreboard. Not too bad.

All in all a OK start of the race. We logged 61 kms of running/walking/hiking, 2400 meters elevation, and most athletes were pretty close together.

Without them, the X-Pyr wouldn't exist.

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