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The Pyrenees are flyable more often than you think

Simon Oberrauner


Simon Oberrauner


  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Occupation
    I have a Flying School in Graz Austria
  • Residence
    Graz (Austria )
  • Experience
    1 X-Pyr
  • Wing
    SKYWALK Xalps 5 95
  • Harness
    SKYWALK Range X-Alps AV
  • Helmet
    SUPAIR School

Moritz Kampelmuehler


  • Nationality
  • Residence
    Graz (Austria )

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Why did you choose the X-Pyr again?
I choose the X-Pyr again because of the organisation, the rules and the beauty of the Pyrenees. The longer rest period makes the race more enjoyable and of course safer.

How was your race the last time?
The last X-Pyr were very though, especially the beginning with a lot of running in wet conditions. But the end was challenging as well with strong wind and turbulent air. Nevertheless I had a good time with my team.

What did you learn during the last edition?
I learned the the Pyrenees are flyable more often than you think when you look at the weather forecast.

What does your typical training week consist of?
Has your training regime changed since the last X-Pyr?

I basically stayed the same. I do a lot of long endurance training to get my body used to long rainy days on the road, however I enjoy the flying training much more.

What changes have you made to your equipment for this edition?
It is the same as last year with one exception, the harness is new and very light and stable.

Apart from flying far and walking little, what will your strategy be during the race?
The strategy is to find the balance between being fast and efficient at the same time. This means sometimes being slow is faster.

What excites you most about participating in the X-Pyr again?
The unbelievable beauty of the Pyrenees.

What worries you the most about the event?
Of course the race is very though and I am always worried about making wrong decisions due to being mentally and physically tired.

Is there anything you like to see (or not) in the route?
I hope not to see an out and return course 😉

Do you have a favourite part of the Pyrenees?
I guess not, it was beautiful from the first turnpoint on.

How do you know your assistant?
I have known Moritz since 2011 when I did my community service with him. Since then we did a lot of adventures together, including the X-Alps. I also taught him paragliding and now I have to watch out for him on a good XC day because his flying level is very high.

What are your assistant’s main strengths?
His main strength is to give me the right information at the right time.

What advice would you give a rookie in this event?
The race is very long – concentrate on small goals to keep the motivation high and be nice to your supporters, they are the key to success.


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