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This year will be another top-flight event. The level of participants is very high and we welcome old and new friends to participate. But there is one notable name missing… who will be the winner of the 2024 edition? Here are some of the top contenders:

Maxime Pinot: World champion 2023; European championship 2022: 2nd; Redbull X-Alps 2023, 3rd; X-Alps 2021, 4th; X-Alps 2019, 2nd; X-Pyr 2018 & 2022, 2nd; Winner of PWC 2014 Superfinal; multiple times winner of PWC events

Pierre Remy: X-Pyr 2022, 3rd; World champion 2017; PWCA Super Final 2018 & 2019; Winner of Multiple PWCA events

Stanislav Mayer:  X-Pyr 2018, 3rd; X-Pyr 2016, 2nd; X-Pyr 2014, 4th; X-Alps 2015, 12th; X-Alps 2017 10th

Simon Oberrauner: X-Pyr 2022, 4th, X-Alps 2023 6th; X-Alps 2021 3rd; X-Alps 2017, 5th; X-Alps 2019, 6th

Pál Takáts: 2007 & 2011 Acro World champion; world distance record holder; X-Alps 2023, 4th

Toma Coconea: X-Pyr 2014, 3rd, X-Alps 2007 & 2011, 2nd; a race legend

And many more…

Without them, the X-Pyr wouldn't exist.

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