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Racing to find Pizza in the Pyrenees

Published on
29 June 2022

Since the beginning of the race (okay, maybe day 2), we wanted to treat ourselves to a pizza in the evening and never found an open restaurant. The despair was great! Today it was finally time – after 1 week ofpasta finally some pizza! 😉

But now to the important things: after yesterday’s flight in the evening we were in a good position to fly further towards TP 3. The wind was quite strong early on, but seemed flyable.

In the air, however, it became very uncomfortable (very windy), so Patrick and Rich (Team Australia), who had started together, decided to land early.

Some teams took high risks today, we decided for more safety and took 3 passes on foot! And when the supporters called to say there will be pizza waiting at the sleeping place Patrick could even jog again. What a day! For us a day full of responsible and smart decisions, tomorrow is a new day – maybe a day to fly.

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