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Day 4 – Type 2-3 fun – Fabian Umbricht

Published on
29 June 2022

The day started leisurely with a nice walk up to Peña Montanesa. I waited another hour or so at take-off to make sure that conditions were really on. Then I joined Tomas, David and Thibault in the air and together we flew towards France. Conditions were really sporty with very strong climbs and very strong winds. Fortunately, it was tailwind for us.

At the northern end of Val d’Aran, the stable air from the north started to spill over in the lower layer. I didn’t managed to get a final climb, so i had to slopeland, wich turned out to be quite tricky in the high farn – you can’t see the ground. I hit my back a little bit, not bad but enough to mess with my head, so I was making to much errors in the next flight and lost some ground again. A nice hike up to a foggy take-off and the subsequential hike down rounded off this rather particular day. 

At least we got a hot shower at the campsite, which rarely felt so good…

Unfortunately I didn’t got any pictures, i was just to scared in air to let the breaks free…

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