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Heli Schrempf: Day 3

Published on
28 June 2022

Day 3 – better weather but still couldn’t find the right thermals

On the next morning, the weather was finally better! But due to the last days of nearly non-stop walking the feet were a bit sour and so I took several attempts to fly from the smaller hills, which didn’t work out too good.

However, although the sun was shining a lot, conditions were very stable near ground level, so I couldn’t find good thermals to fly long distances. At this point we decided to take out the speed of the race, to get the mind clear again. With that mindset I hiked up again and flew down to our sleeping spot, where my supporters and I had a nice and cheerful dinner together.

I nearly forgot to mention that I was glad, that we brought my sewing machine with us – because we had to sew the harness at night too..

Team Heli Schrempf

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