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Helmut Schrempf: Day 2 – mistakes happened

Published on
28 June 2022

Sometimes it doesn’t work out as you would wish. That happened on day two when we took a wrong decision and were losing time and rankings:

But now from the beginning:

We started pretty nice with mountain hopping and little soaring sessions but then we made a mistake and I flew in the wrong direction, couldn’t get any heights anymore and had to land in a very tight valley. There were hardly any landing options, but I managed to land safe on a field with pretty high grass. But one of the biggest problem was, that I landed literally in the “end of nowhere”. It took such a long time to get out of there. When I finally hiked up and reached the top of the mountain, the rain started and I wasn’t able to fly anymore. Would I have been 30min. earlier, I could have made it – but yes – that wasn’t like that, so we had to walk down a bit again and stayed at a sheep-farm over night. The farmers were super nice and so we spent some time with them and were allowed to dry our wet equipment at their fireplace. Thanks to them for their perfect nice and warmly host!

Day over. Wet, pissed and  not in a very good mood. But the next day brings new possibilities and new decisions. So let’s see what it brings!

Team Heli Schrempf

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