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Tanguy Renaud-Goud’s day 2

Published on
27 June 2022

Again a strong day fighting with the rain and low cloud bases. Tanguy managed to do again more than 70km mainly by walking .

It’s hard, painful but still keep pushing and thinking to the probably good flying conditions for the next days.

We started the day hoping to make a glide from the pass after where we slept but unfortunately the cloud and the rain didn’t give us any chances to fly, so running all the morning and afternoon was the only solution.

At the end of the day we tried one last thing, hiking up to the Soum De Layens to make a glide in the direction of TP2, Accous but again, unfortunately the cloud was very thick and we had to go down of around 300m to exit from the cloud to be able to make this glide.

Tonight we are in the valley going up to the Spanish border, and we hope to start the day of tomorrow with a nice flight from the pass.

Have a good evening!

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