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X-Pyr Day 2 – Update

Published on
28 June 2022

The day began with rain, and many began day hiking. It started looking more promising later and more to the north and east. Many pilots managed some short flights between rain showers. But for most it was a long hard slog on tarmac.

Heading towards turn point 2, the pack split into two, most choosing the north route, lead by Maxime Pinot, who headed the race nearly the whole day.

When Maxime got to close to the TP 2 he managed to fly, but landed short and had to hike up to the TP and then managed to fly again.

During the race so far, Chrigel Maurer and Noe Court have been inseparable. They arrived at TP1 together, their teams stayed in the same place overnight, and they have taken every step together.

Today they took the southerly route. Near TP 2 they were joined by Simon Oberrauner.

They hiked to the top of the ridge with intention of flying to the TP, but found it in cloud. Cloudbase was only about 1000 or 1100 m. To be able to launch, they hiked down until they were clear of cloud and managed to tag the TP flying.

The same for Tim Alongi. After tagging the TP they managed to carry on flying after the TP but it was raining when they landed.

Since then there have been complaints from other competitors and followers, alleging cloud flying.

This prompted the race director to launch an investigation. A race official on the hill confirmed they walked down until they were in the whisps – not in cloud.

Therefore it has been deemed they have not broken race rules.

Many pilots have reached or are now close to TP 2 and will reach it by tomorrow morning. Tomorrow it looks flyable, so the big push to get to here has paid off.

Tomorrow will be much more favourable and there will be a great deal of tactics involved in crossing the restricted airspace over the Pyrenees National Park. In some areas the pilots may not be less than 200 m or 1000 m over the ground and may not land unless it is an emergency.

Keep watching tomorrow to see how the teams negotiate this airspace puzzle, or go around it to play safe.

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