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“X” marks the spot –  revealing the X-Pyr 2022 route

Published on
25 May 2022

We present the “X”.

The “X” of the X-Pyr, and of our 10th anniversary, and of course, of Munich, our main sponsor since the first edition (and, without whom, the X-Pyr would not exist).

Here is the new route for this fascinating edition.

Longer, more complex, more international, more… challenging!

A route of 605.5 km, with 8 turnpoints. With distances between each averaging around 80 km, and altitudes of more than 2800 metres, and maximum free distances of almost 100 km.

A traditional start, with the now famous Larun turnpoint (come and join us to see the take-off of all the teams).
94 km later, they will reach the famous Accous flying area, on the north face of the Pyrenees.
Then, 83 km further on, they will arrive at a much visited turnpoint, the Peña Montañesa. And here we start our “X”.
With stretches of about 75 km, they will progress from the Peña Montañesa to another well-known flying area, Arbas, in the French Pre-Pyrenees.
From there, they turn back west to the imposing mountain of Midi de Bigorre.
And back again to the Spanish side, entering the Corronco, a well-known cross-country route in the Pyrenees.
After the Corronco, a visit to the famous Font Romeu area, to the Pic del Moros turnpoint, and then directly to the longest stretch of the race, to reach the Santa Helena de Rodes goal, where the individual time will be stopped.
This will be followed by a pleasant glide to the raft on the beach of El Port de la Selva.

605.5 km with a multitude of options, flight exclusion zones and very, very different weather in the different areas.

A route that, for sure, will not disappoint. Now let’s hope that the weather helps the teams.

Without further ado, we present the X-Pyr 2022 route… the “X” marks the spot!

Without them, the X-Pyr wouldn't exist.

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