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The year of COVID.

After preparing for the entire race and selecting the participating teams, it was not possible to run the event due to the global COVID pandemic crisis.
Of course, there are more important things than the X-Pyr.

In any case, and even if this edition (almost) did not exist, we must remember the teams that were selected for it.

In 2020 the race was growing. The organisation once again increased the number of participating teams to 45, due to the high number of applications.

Unfortunately, the route was not published, due to the pandemic, and, of course, there were no rankings or livetrack.


Pilot / Assistant
Andreas Viehböck / Berthold Stadler
Andrei Mashak / Andrey Bukin
Antonio Ramos / Luis Felipe Tudela
Barış Çelik / Metín Kavuncuo
Bogdan – Tudor Selever / Aurelian Orheanu
Cedar Wright / Mike Lester
Christoph Fässler / René Schimenz
Dagfinn Graneng / Hallvard Magerøy
Damien Lacaze / Solène Rombourg
David Liaño / Alejandro González
Dominika Kasieczko / Pawel Biegun
Edouard Potel / Simon Tattevin
Eliya Soar Zemmour / Ohayon Omri
Fabian Umbricht / Stephanie Westerhuis
François Perie / Estéban Bourroufiès
Frédéric Juvaux / Fabrice Iché
Hanes Kämpf / André Glauser
Jakub Beňo / Maroš Kurek
James Hope-Lang / Andy Read
João Pedro Simonsen / Renata de Mattos Granda
Jordi Vilalta / Albert Cantenys
José Ignacio Arévalo / Francisco Javier Delgado
Juraj Koreň / Zdeno Vacke
Luis Linde / Nacho Recas
Manuel Bustos / Israel González
Manuel Nübel / Sascha Rentel
Maxime Pinot / Jérémie Lager
Maximo Vela / Sergio De Lis
Michal Gierlach / Maciej Zietara
Mitchel Riley / Violeta Jiménez
Patrick Sieber / Manon Haar
Paul de Boer / Hugo Robben
Pier Paolo Role / Marco Appino
Pierre Remy / Benjamin Gaudry
Samuel Vurpillot / Pascale Menu
Sergi Claret / David Polo
Shane Tighe / Molly McEwin
Simon Oberrauner / Simon Volker
Stanislav Mayer / Stanislav Hruban
Toma Coconea / Adrian Pochiu
William Pardis / Andrea Casali

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